HoRNet TrackUtility MK2, multi utility plugin

HoRNet has released an improved version of the multi utility swiss army knife audio tool, the TrackUtility MK2. This new version buildsĀ on the strength of the previous version TrackUtility MK2 adds a very handy grouping function to allow for the change of any parameter to a whole bunch of instances at once, revamp the RMS […]

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Posted on: June 23, 2016

HoRNet WahWah Guitar Effect Plug-in

HoRNet has released WahWah, another tool in the guitar effect collection. The HoRNet WahWah is a digital replica of a vintage effect from the 70s made famous by guitarist and keyboard players around the world. This pedal represents a real signature sound for funky music and is an essential tool in every guitar player’s setup. […]

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Posted on: May 23, 2016

New mastering bundle

We have just released the new mastering bundle, a very convenient way to get the plugins you need to finish your tracks. The bundle includes: ChannelStrip MK3 TrackUtility Magnus ELM128 An example of how our plugins can be used to finish your tracks here’s a video we made recently: You can find the new Mastering […]

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Posted on: July 8, 2015