HoRNet Total EQ

TotalEQ 1.3.3 is available, this update is free for owners of the plugin and includes:

  • Fixed messy spectrum view in some circumstances
  • Fixed small memory leak
  • Fixed hidden Q slider value for very low gain level
  • Fixed crash in Digital Performer 11

Versatile visual equalizer for every task

HoRNet TOTAL EQ is a precise and versatile equalizer with a handy spectrum analyzer.  The peculiar feature of TOTAL EQ is that every parameter of each equalizer band can be controlled from the control point on the frequency chart, this simply means that you will never have to look around to find the controls for the band you are editing, but everything will be there right at your mouse pointer reach.

The equalizer itself is very versatile providing up to 12 different bands, any of them can behave like digital precise EQs or can have analog character. The analog emulation in this plugin is the most advanced we have ever made, of course it emulates the saturation of analog gear but also the component tolerance so that no band behaves like another. In a few words it means a slight level of unpredictability that make things more interesting and “alive”.

Each band can work like any of the 17 different available filter type, including low pass, high pass, band pass, high shelf, low shelf and the classic fully parametric peak equalizer.

In addition to the standard eq controls specific to the filter type, every band can work as a dynamic filter borrowing the automatic attack and release and the automatic threshold from our HoRNet DynEQ, this approach gives you easy control on the dynamic behaviour of the each band without needing many controls and making dynamic EQ as easy as dragging a dot on the screen.

Each band of the EQ has Mid/Side capabilities allowing you to select individually the source and to correctly fine tune the frequency response of your stereo image.

The plugin also provide global controls that allow you to enable or disable analog emulation and saturation globally, and the ability to link input and output so that when you change one the other gets updated accordingly and you can easily drive the analog engine of the plugin without changing its output level.

To take EQ decision more easily we also added the “EQ LOUD” button that stands for “equal loudness”, borrowing the code from our CLMS plugin we are able to keep the loudness level constant no matter what you do to your eq bands, this in turns gives you the ability to judge your EQ decisions removing the infamous “loudness bias”


The demo is fully functional except for the fact that every now and then it will silence out, you cannot save parameter values with your session and the plugin will not respond to automation coming from the host.


  • Realtime spectrum analyzer
  • Equalizer response curve display
  • Up to 12 different equalizer bands
  • 17 different filter types for each band
  • Each band can act as a standard or dynamic eq
  • Separate control for analog response emulation for each band
  • Separate control for analog saturation for each band
  • Separate control for analog saturation amount  for each band
  • Solo and Mute buttons for each band
  • M/S or stereo mode for each band
  • Global analog emulation and saturation switches
  • Automatic output compensation on input level change
  • Constant loudness monitoring
  • Resizable interface, hardware accelerated
  • Apple Silicon native support (except for AAX)
  • macOS (10.11 and later) and Windows (Vista and later ) support.
  • 64-bit on Mac and Windows.
  • Audio Units, VST, VST3 and AAX format.

Copy protection

The HoRNet TotalEQ has no copy protection, we don’t believe in copy protection, they are always cracked and they are annoying for the users, we all know you are not going to give away the plugin on the internet…

So simply download the plugin and enjoy your recordings!

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39 thoughts on “HoRNet Total EQ

Brandon Skeens says:

I bought this plugin 4 years ago and it is still a mainstay of every mix I do. This isn't just incredible value it's an incredible tool. Zero reason to be on the fence with this one. Just get it.

Ethan Mastej says:

Pretty solid EQ! Functionally, it's a great piece, and I can really see this becoming essential in the workflow. However, I think it's really bogged down by the interface. I wish there were more customizability with how the GUI looked, as it can get cluttered and hard to read at times. Being able to disable certain aspects and customize the spectrogram, would drastically improve the end user experience with it. Additionally, being able to save presets would be quite convenient. Overall, great plugin, but could use some UI customizability 👍

emaileanto says:

This plugin is one of my favorite plugins collections from Hornet, simple & effective. Hats off for Saverio for creating such great plugins on a budget.

Wojtek Cholascinski says:

Comfortable to use, great results. As simple as that.

Pablo says:

This is an impressive, fully featured EQ. Works well for almost all my eqing needs: surgical, corrective, color, and some dynamic tasks.
The M/S per band is the reason I bought it, it allows some very interesting tricks and ways to fit sounds togheter.
The only thing it's missing and I hope Saverio adds that features soon is side chain for dynamic bands. I need and use that a lot, so I have to reach TDR Nova at times. I'd like to use this as the only EQ. Anyway it's my go to EQ now.
Saturation is sweet sounding and is very versatile .
Congratulations Saverio!

Isaac Luque says:

I love band saturation!!! The Analog mode for some tracks is also great! And dynamic mode always helps.

Chris3333 says:

Versatile, easy and fast to handle and in combination with multifreq almost like fabfilter. And thanks very much for chrismas presents this year. I love your plugins :-))

woodboy says:

Sugar and Spice ….
What a Great EQ @ a Great Price
with the 85% xmas discount 2023
Thanx Saverio

Nicolas Choma says:

very good EQ ,it is agood alternative to q3.

Ralfi says:

This EQ fucking rips!!!!

As users already said before. It just need two things:
1. Additional Parameters for Dynamic EQ
2. Undo Button

And Boom 🙂

Oliver Labani says:

The best eq on the market no doubt wonder why I don't see many reviews of this Swiss Dagger I mean after trying the Fabfilter and Kirchhoff-EQ Total eq is the best equalizer period

walter mazzaccaro says:

a really wonderful plug-in but the lack of saving the patches created forces me to recreate the sound I'm satisfied with every time! please introduce the ability to save your own EQ curves. I consider it a critical upgrade to compete with other products. Thank you and good work.

Jon Leslie says:

Simply amazing!!!!! You have to check out hornet plugins !!!! This ea is fantastic!!!!

Stefan Mellåker says:

I have a lot of EQ plugins, both payed and free, both digital and hardware emulations, and the one ending up on nearly every track is Total EQ. It's simple, flexible, with good features. Love it.

Missun says:

This is the best EQ I own (that includes waves and fabfilter plugins) It sounds just as good as the offerings from major players, the controls are intuitive and no copy protection gets in my way.

javierosr says:

A really great tool for eq all my projects, very clear and works si well in my old pc.

mixedbynine says:

This needs two things!!!
1. Additional Parameters for Dynamic EQ
2. Undo Button

Jeffriezal Jaafar says:

Demoing this after bought 31 Mk2, it has been quite sometime im looking for alternative graphic EQ since i been using stock plugin for so long. Try i for few minute, impressed with the clarity, love the saturation on individual bands concept and the analog button behaviour is what make me instantly purchase it. Not the analog curve im looking for but the behaviour, love it.

Chris McKeown says:

I already own a metric ton of EQ plugins, including FF Pro Q3. It started getting sluggish, so I needed something comparable which was more immediate. I also demo'd the Kirchhoff, but decided TotalEQ suited my purposes better after demo-ing for no more than 5 minutesof hearing the filters and sweeping them.. Love the inclusion of saturation and analog , and the input / output gains, but getting mid/side and dynamic control at this price, is very generous. Hornet goes from strength to strength

Jorge Araujo says:

Very easy to use and apply surgical equalizations, and in the same plugin you can also get smoother and more musical equalizations. The saturation feature is a total game changer. I'm abusing Total EQ in my productions! This plugin is awesome!

Marcelo Ribeiro Simões says:

What this plugin is not elegant on looking, it is elegant on how it treats the material inside…
WOW, a real diamond sharp swiss-knife like, if this is possible.
Don't expect a fancy a 2022 Hollywood scientific-fiction GUI but you can be sure that you'l get a tool that delivers positively more than you've expected.

Attila Nemes says:

Love this EQ a lot! It quickly became my go-to.
Would be awesome to have additional parameters in dynamic mode. It not always does what I want which turns me to Nova sometimes.
A linear phase mode would be magical!
For the price it is no brainer. I can highly recommend it.

Mitch says:

After seeing ( one of my favorite reviewers on the internet ) Snake Oil's video, I decided to try the EQ ( although I have plenty of other ones ). It took me a very short period of time to decide and purchase this plugin.
Like another review I've seen, the cost made me feel like I was stealing this program.
Whether purchased on sale or for it's regular price, this one is a NO Brainer…
I tried out the FF Pro Q and was very impressed with the results. However, quite expensive for an only EQ plugin.
The Hornet Total EQ delivers in a very impressive way. In some ways I prefer it to the Pro Q. I found the Hornet EQ smooth and subtle with many advantages in its saturation, analog and mid/side implementations. The dynamic aspect is incredibly use full. I used it on both singular tracks, mix buss and mastering applications with quick and respective results. I don't care what the friggin' cost…this is a serious EQ.
My hats off to Hornet and the Italian company that created it. Wish I had found this hidden gem sooner.

Jörn Dodt says:

It´s a nice little tool box. I Love the Dynamic EQ funtionallity. The only thing I´m missing are the L/R sides in the Source Selection. Than it would be perfect. Thanks for the good Job.

peter says:

trying is believing this I a great plan in ,experience it make you and your DAW happy

Stephen says:

Honestly one of the best EQ plugins available right now. I've got tons of great plugins, and this stands above most of them. For the price I feel like I stole it. Easily worth 10 times the price. Stable, and efficient. My only quibble is that some of the controls are a little fiddly.

Stephen Buckle says:

Very pleased with results, lots plugin for very little money.

George Mavrikis says:

Bought it recently.. works pretty fine.. midnside works great too.. only complaint are that there are no different views in spectrum like ext log etc… But I guess does matter.. I just wish it had a cleaner gui…. All these colors are a mess when working on somewhat complex eq…

raal says:

Have been demoing SSL X-EQ2 and Fabfilter Q3 for weeks, was still debating which to get… cut to, i saw the Snake Oil video on Total EQ today. Downloaded it and took about 15 minutes to purchase it. Other than the price being excellent, it just seemed more intuitive and easier to get results fast. The dynamic feature is responsive, the analog and distortion modes are subtle but effective. You can do two or three things at a time with one plugin, and it's light on the CPU to boot. I had never heard of Hornet. Will definitely be checking other plugins out. I'm pretty amazed frankly.

simhaw says:

Oh Yes!
I downloaded a bunch of Channel EQ's to try out in my quest for a more, fully featured alternative to REAPER's fine ReaEQ built in plugin.
The Hornet TotalEQ was an instant favourite, it's just so simple, powerful and intuitive. The dynamic filter section is especially handy. The analogue saturation is suitably subtle and adds another flavour. This plugin ticks many more boxes that I could wish for. Big thanks Saverio!

dee-t says:

What can I say? Certainly rivals those 'expensive' alternatives!!! I wouldn't be able to create something so sonically decent, on my budget… even as a musician.

Simon Giles says:

You actually need this Plugin in your life!!! it is AMAZING!!!! Literally just used it now and within 2minutes I was able to EQ, dynamically compress a couple of frequencies to DE-ESS and take out some mid harshness, and add some analogue saturation. I will never go back to a normal EQ ever again! Thank you so much Hornet Plugins. You are a legend!

Edward Elefterion says:

So I wrote a bad review of this EQ when it wouldn't play nice with Reaper (and my OS, it turns out). After updating things on my end and with some guidance from HoRNet, this plugin is working well and has replaced the FabFilter ProQ as my new go-to EQ. It's powerful, of course, but it doesn't hit my CPU nearly as much as the FF did. Even after updating my system – the FF bogged me down. HoRNet's TotalEQ is the Swiss Army knife of EQ tools. I can't say enough good things about it – and about HoRNet. I've become a huge fan. Bang for buck, nobody beats HoRNet.

jonas imstre says:

Great Eq, I want to suggest – rename all your Vst e.g. HN-TotalEQ like other firms
called – PM-Clarisonix or bx_hybrid V2,
it would be more convenient for the eye to find in the list.
Thanks Severio!

Reishard Montgomery says:

This is EQ is quickly becoming my favorite. (Bye bye Waves REQ!) 2 things I would like to see added to future updates. 1) the ability to highlight multiple bands and move the gain up/down. 2) Default to a bell curve when creating a new band.

Seth Jackson says:

I like what this EQ does, and I want to use this as my go-to EQ with some improvement. First, the VTS3 version causes Cubase to freeze or crash. This needs to be fixed.

The one annoyance is that, when I create a new node, it almost always defaults to a resonant high pass or low pass filter, when most of the time, I want a bell. I wish they would change this or provide a setting to change the default.

Daniel Krämer says:

This EQ is now one of 30+ in my Collection, many 5+ Times the Price and HW Models. To make a long story short: brilliant, v e r y musical, fantastic! Balancing, useful Options. Pristine Clarity redefined.

Only Thing I muss until now: Undo.

stratking says:

Amazing again. Thanks to Italy stay safe 🙂

Jamie Salazar says:

Just purchased today! This is a seriously good plugin. This EQ is like a razor. Can be very surgical. Very smooth. Extremely versatile!

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