HoRNet AutogainPro

AutoGain Pro 1.3.2 is available, this update is free for owners of the plugin and includes:

  • Added native support for AAX plugin format with Apple Silicon Processors

Advanced volume levelling and automation

The HoRNet AutoGain Pro improves on our best seller, the HoRNet AutoGain , it borrows the same effective DSP algorithm adding internal reference, peak detection, reverse gain processing and adjustable minimum and maximum gain. Of course all the feature of the original AutoGain are still there, so the AutoGain Pro is the perfect tool for quickly create volume automations and perfect them at their best.


The AutoGain Pro works using an external reference or an internal one, listens to your signal and tries to keep it at the same level of the reference signal, the way it does it it’s up to you, you have many parameters to tweak until it reacts perfectly.

Fine tuned Volume Automation

The AutoGain Pro exposes all the internals of the original AutoGain, while its small friend has a simple “speed” control, the AutoGain Pro gives you total control on attack and release for both the reference signal and the main one, it also allows you to set a minimum and maximum gain for the processors, that can also be reversed making it work like a “ducker”

Visual gain display

With the AutoGain Pro you can see what the processor is doing, while you still need to use your ears for the best results sometimes the volume automation produced by the AutoGain Pro can be very subtle, having an “oscilloscope” view of both the gain and the reference signal is of enormous help.


Still works like the classic

If you like the ability to tweak but sometimes are too lazy to do that or you simply need a quick tool, the AutoGain Pro has a “classic” mode there for you. When you activate the “classic” button many of the controls becomes gray out and take the original AutoGain internal values.

Do you need to adjust the “speed” simply move the main or reference “release” control, they are linked, and work like the original “speed” control of the AutoGain.

Use the level gain for an improved “sensitivity” control and the gain range for the original “range” control.

With The AutoGain Pro you have the original AutoGain just a click away, and with graphical gain display too!


The demo is fully functional except for the fact that every now and then it will silence out, you cannot save parameter values with your session and the plugin will not respond to automation coming from the host.


  • internal and external reference
  • gate from -60dB to 0dB for main signal when using internal reference
  • independent attack and release for reference and main signals
  • high pass and low pass filters on the reference input
  • reference gain adjustable from -30dB to +30dB
  • peak or RMS processing
  • reverse gain operation
  • “classic” mode works like the original AutoGain
  • can write and read automation
  • independent adjustment of minimum and maximum gain range
  • relative gain range adjustment
  • graphical gain adjustment and reference signal display
  • Apple Silicon native support 
  • Mac OS X (>=10.11) and Windows (7 and later) support
  • 64bit only on both on Mac and Windows
  • Audio Units VST2.4, VST3 and AAX format

Copy protection

The HoRNet AutoGain Pro has no copy protection, we don’t believe in copy protection, they are always cracked and they are annoying for the users, we all know you are not going to give away the plugin on the internet…

So simply download the plugin and enjoy your recordings!

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12 thoughts on “HoRNet AutoGain Pro

seasterblue says:

The plug in works!!! Two points to improve it:
-Output gain.
-Intuitive names for controls.

Denis Zanetta says:

3eme ne marche pas non plus, impossible de stabiliser le volume out en cas de variations de gain in

Dave says:

So I got the autogain first, trying to be a cheapskate, of course 🤣 it worked well enough, but ultimately wasn't as responsive as I was looking for. As I was about to bite the bullet and buy the ridiculously overpriced competitor when I spotted this, the autogain pro. I had demo'd the promk2 and it was just too much for my feeble little brain to handle at once. So I watched Saverios video after hearing such great things about this dude, and I took a chance with my hard earned 8 or 9 dollars, whatever it was after the discount, and got this little guy. This is what I was looking for all along. Kudos, props, and excellent work team Hornet!!!
All the adjustable fields are very reasonably adjusted and I had a sizzling vocal track ready for the master in about 5 minutes. I'll be stopping here first for any new gadgets I'm on the hunt for, without a doubt.

Nicolas Schuele says:

I bought Autogain Pro listed at 21 Euros without knowing there was a version 2 discounted at 3 Euros. Alright, it's not an expensive plugin but I'm somewhat under the impression I have been tricked (MK1 is advertised on the front page while MK2 is not).

C Theo says:

Took me a little while to get what I needed out of the vocal I was working on. In the end I duplicated the vocal track, compressed it pretty reasonably (2-3:1), and fed that into AutoGain Pro as the reference track. Well, all I have to say is, it's a really powerful tool. With a little creativity I got what I wanted, which was to reduce the dynamic range of my vocal track through volume automation.

Frank Berger says:

I can not make a judgment, because I simply do not understand the program. I also have MautoVolume from Melda, which I also immediately look through. This works great for me.
I'm a fan of Hornet, but AutoGain was a mistake for me. Unfortunately!

Robert Ryda says:

I have promised you on youtube that Im buying this! So I have purchased this today and Im happy I was given an advice on your plugins! Even though Im using UAD-2, I honestly think you are doing a great job and such plugins as this one are a very handy tool once you learn it well. Its almost like the Waves' Vocal Rider but not quite the same. However I wish you add features or advanced processing code – like you know, sometimes people that give beats for the album are misusing the compressors and abusing the limiters and actually pack much more powerful sound into a flatter waveform, giving a headache during the full-album-mixing stage. Its a problem Im dealing with right now.

Peter says:

A great plugin that i can use to ride anything from bass to vocals to leads with some tweaks on the frequency filters, very user friendly and the price i cant help to feel i stole it 🙂 compared to similar products from other brands hornet gives you value for your money and not only that it comes with the all the options you need something the big brands could take a lesson from

hornet is clearly not out to fill pockets and i appreciate that as a low budged producer

Jaff says:

HornetAutoGainPro = No Brainer !
This plugin is just great when it comes to mix vocals : no need to spend
time to do automation, it does for you ! And in comparison with other
"famous" brand, it is CHEAP ! And it does THE SAME JOB ! It is a
No-Brainer plugin, it saves tons of hours of work and just keep me focus
on main things to solve.

John Rowland says:

If you need to get you vocals above you mix, this is the plug-in for you! The fact it writes automation for you is worth the price, saving you time in the studio to concentrate on details. A simple plug-in to use, just throw your mix through the plug-in, adjust the min. and max. gains and let it write your volume automation. In the time it would take to write your volume levels manually, you can complete an entire album with this plug-in! Works great on bass guitars to smooth dynamics without compression, saving computer resources. Compared to other similar plug-ins, this is a steal! We used this plug in on all main vocals on our release “Not Human” because, it just simply worked!!

Josh says:

Super quick attack times, min/max gain control, as well as peak/RMS tracking options. I've used every 'rider' out there and this is my favourite. And cheapest, might I add. For quick use, 'classic' mode is ya friend bruh. Easy and accurate settings. The Gain Scaler is also useful – essentially acting as Mix function when you want to scale back slightly on the effect. Absolutely no drawbacks. I use it in force on every project – and is my perfect tool for riding vocals pre-compression. GET IT.

Edward Kocol says:

I was working on a particular inconsistent vocal track that would have been another month before I could get the singer to re-track. I tried another fader riding plugin and seem to make it over pump a little too much. I purchased and installed HoRNet's AutoGain Pro and it was beauty right out of the gate (no pun intended). The song was released without the need to re-track. Thank you HoRNet.

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