HoRNet Guitar Bundle

HoRNet Guitar Bundle

Video Overview

HoRNet Guitar Bundle includes all the plugin we did for guitar players, all packed together to give you a very solid guitar rig with amplifier, cabinet and effects to cover a very wide range of tones.

With our Guitar Bundle you can get full and warm clean tones and also heavy distorted ones too.

Buying the Guitar Bundle grants you an  immediate 40% discount on every new guitar effect we release.

Discover more about the plugins included in this bundle

Vintage guitar compressor and sustainer

The classic guitar overdrive pedal used in countless recordings

Perfectly emulated wah pedal with analog taste

The complete amplifier, cabinet and microphone simulation for guitar sounds

The classic guitar distortion pedal, includes the "Ultra" mod. emulation

A peculiar digital delay with character and a very distinctive sound

All the guitar plugins for just 43,76€ 

Old Price: 43,76€

Old Price: 43,76€

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