If you mixed your songs using any of the HoRNet plugins, send us your stuff to see it showcased here! Just send Bandcamp, YouTube, Soundcloud or any other link to [email protected]

Paul Cassidy

HoRNet plugins are excellent, and such good value. I recommend them to everyone I speak to in the industry.

The plugins I used here are :
HoRNetAngle, HoRNet TheNormalizer, HoRNet ThirtyOne, HoRNet VUMeter MK4.

Michael Sopolidis

Here is my new single and video. I used AutoGain Pro and ThirtyOne.

Pino De Carlo

A good part of this song that I sang, arranged and mixed myself, was with immense pleasure mixed and mastered with HorNet Plugins, in my master bus chain I always had the ThirtyOne MK2 turned on, then on the single tracks I always used HoRNet Tape giving me an analog flavor

Collar Pocket

This is my track ‘DEEP DOWN’. It has dubstep, hybrid trap, hardstyle and a little bit of dnb.

I used the HoRNet Magnus Mk2’s soft clipper on individual tracks to reduce crest factor for loudness. I also used it on the master (twice!) at different parts of the FX chain, 1 for softclipping and 1 as one of the final limiters in the FX chain.

I hope you like it!

Collar Pocket · Collar Pocket – DEEP DOWN


My most recent track, Info Addiction, includes 3 HoRNet plugins. Since 2018 all of my tracks include by default Track Utility and LU Meter. This one features ThirtyOne as well. I prefer ThirtyOne for EQing weird techno sounds.

The Night Keep

I used Hornet stuff in every track on this one, too. Of course, I used VU Meter MK3, but I also used ThirtyOne on many of the tracks, and had to use Sybilla on a couple of the spoken parts. It’s a “first person perspective” horror story and symphony soundtrack.


My latest tracks have LU meter on every track, plus tape or analog channel on most of the tracks too.
Usually use tape on the master channel.
I also use Muticomp and EQ SW34EQ MK2, but I usually use them on earlier stages to form sound and render then, so it’s hard to say where exactly, but mostly on synths.

Purple Fog Side

I would like to share you my song mixed with Hornet Autogain Pro
This plugin helped me a lot , because it is very dense and noisy post-rock/darkwave mix with awful lots of endless reverb tails … and I had a lot of struggle to mix vocals without sacrificing natural feel.


HoRNet AnalogStage – all channels
HoRNet DeeLay Plus – on guitar track
HoRNet Tape – drum group, master
HoRNet HCS1 – on funky guitar
The HoRNet SW34EQ MK2 – all track
HoRNet Multicomp Plus MK2 – all track difference compression.
The HoRNet WahWah – on guitar track

DjG Sound Design

“I primarily use Hornet plugins for gain staging. Very useful!”

Alessandro D’Andrea

New Mirabiliandia (theme park) 2018 music theme, used DeelayPlus in dynamic mode on vocals, Spaces on orchestra parts and Autogain Pro on Buses – https://www.alexdandrea.com


Felipe Alan Valdéz

At the beginning you can hear the Tape Machine making some noise

Killah Trakz

Your vu meter MK3 is ALWAYS used on my mixes to gainstage per plugin chain.

Mind Monogram

Love the plugs. I used them a ton on this track and the album it’ll be on. 🙂 Analog Stage and Tape



Sylliba Pro on vocals
SongKey used to create bassline


I especially like the MKIII channel strip. I accomplished very smooth vocals and depth in my mixes. I will be using your plugins a lot!! Highly professional!!!

Dan Topic

AutoGain Pro MK2 & Sybilla Pro on vocals, TrackUtility MK2 on several tracks and LU Meter on the Master bus.

Lichael Malbert

I’m using HoRNet plugins all the time, this one uses ChannelStrip, Magnus, FilterSolo, and Spikes amongst others


The toms on this drum kit were most blessed with Hornet Plugins Spikes


Mixed by Željko Mladenovic

SW34EQ used extensively on these tracks


Jan “cj” Perera

This track has been mixed using SW34EQ

Clint Martin

A good example of the original AutoGain helping with a problem. The bass was a bit out of control and wasn’t locking in good enough to the drums. I used the drums as a reference and put autogain on the bass. It fixed my issue.



VU meter used on every track an Sybilla on voices


HoRNet AutoGain used on the main vocals

delPurr and Eraser

delPurr & Eraser are a young production duo from Slovakia, obsessed with detailed atmospheres and beautiful melodies.

Jan a.k.a. Eraser (23) became fascinated with electronic music since he began listening to artists such as ATB, London Elektricity, Logistics, Matrix & Futurebound. After a few years of listening, Jan started to experiment with FL Studio in 2008, developing a strong sense for dense and euphoric synth-influenced music.

Pali (24) a.k.a delPurr was first influenced back in the early 90?s by The Prodigy. Producers and bands such as Future Sound of London, Garbage, London Elektricity and High Contrast captured his imagination and in 2003 he also grabbed a copy of Fruity Loops and started his production journey. Pali is fixated on melody and puts a huge amount of effort into embellishing every last detail of his tracks.

The duo have been collaborating since 2011, perfecting their haunting, otherworldly music.

website http://www.deleras.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/eraserdelpurr
BandCamp http://deleras.bandcamp.com/


Old enough to remember the emergence of house, detroit and acid techno in the late 80’s. Manducator started to create his own tracks around 2005.
The process of creation is more important to him than the result, so his output isn’t that high.

You can find some of his music on: http://manducator.bandcamp.com/

He also creates dark ambient under the moniker of Silent Frill:



The Hazy Hollow

The Hazy Hollow project starts in Siena, Italy, in 2008 with the aim to bound together electronic and melody to have fun and let the audience have fun. The influences of the three members of the band sum together in the songs spanning from new wave and post-punk on a solid dance, italo-disco and trance bed keeping always an eye open on new trends like dubstep and nu garage.