HoRNet Magnus MK2

High quality two stage brickwall limiter

HoRNet Magnus MK2 brickwall limiter

Magnus MK2 is a 2 stages brick-wall limiter with automatic output level and comprehensive metering, its purpose is to make your tracks the loudest possible.

To achieve this the limiting process is divided in two steps each with separate oversampling options: the first is a clipper that can work like a hard digital clipper or a soft analog one. This stage lets you cut away those small peaks that nobody is going to hear and that will make the limiter work too hard and sound less transparent.

The second stage is a brickwall limiter that will compress everything above 0dBFS.

Simply use the two big knobs to increase the level until you are getting the right amount of gain reduction by any of the two stages.

Do you have a very percussive track? Use more clipper to cut those sharp transient and let the limiter work less. A soft song? Abuse the limiter and don’t use the clipper.

A very transparent limiter

HoRNet Magnus MK2 limiter

The limiter in Magnus is an advanced tool, the attack it’s instantaneous and the release is made of three different stages, these stages are musically tuned and follow the classic time divisions of music, when summed you get a release envelope that works faster on the upbeat and gradually slower on the rest of the measure.

This kind pf envelope allows Magnus MK2 to be a very musical and transparent limiter allowing high level of gain reduction without obvious compression pumping.

Comprehensive output metering

Magnus MK2 includes some very useful metering options, the output level is displayed as complessive RMS and integrated LUFS, also the LU range is displayed.

We have also added both output peak and RMS meters to visually give you a clue on the output levels.

Automatic output compensation

If you are in a hurry and you want to reach a precise output value just enable the auto output that will automatically trim the output knob to reach your specified peak level in both dBFS, RMS or LUFS.


  • Clipper stage with hard and soft (analog) modes.
  • Brickwall limiter stage with instantaneous attack.
  • Separate oversampling option for clipper and limiter.
  • Three stage release from 1 to 500ms.
  • Auto release mode with sync to song tempo.
  • RMS, LUFS and dynamic range output metering.
  • Output peak and RMS meters.
  • 12 dBs gan reduction meters with peak hold for each stage.
  • Automatic output level compensation in dBFS, RMS or LUFS.
  • Mac OS X (>=10.7) and Windows support.
  • 32 and 64-bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows.
  • Audio Units VST2.4, VST3 and AAX format.

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Copy protection

The HoRNet Magnus MK2 has no copy protection, I don’t believe in copy protection, they are always cracked and they are annoying for the users, we all know you are not going to give away the plugin on the internet…

So simply download the plugin and enjoy your recordings!

Old Price: 21,99€

Old Price: 21,99€

11 thoughts on “HoRNet Magnus MK2

Marcus Vaughn says:

I had the previous version but this upgrade takes it to a whole other level, I've compared this limiter with a few I have and this one wins all the time ! it's my go to limiter now, You can really push the limiter and still keep the dynamic range & transients…. I love using the clipper and the limiter combined so i'm not pushing the limiter too hard squashing the track, Try it out, Great software for a great price and a great company.

Thanos Bikos says:

Excellent clipper and limiter at a very reasonable price. Clean and friendly user interface, very clean sound, no artifacts and I like the sound of the clipper in hard and soft mode depending on the material. Also it was very smart to have different oversampling for the clipper and limiter.
It can take more gain than I need without pumping, which is very impressive. The combination of clipper and limiter makes it very versatile with just a few controls.
I'm very happy I got Magnus and it is my go-to limiter. Thank you Hornet!

swzoo says:

any chance of a skin that isn't half invisible?

Peter Brusch says:

Realy, really love this limiter. If ou use it carefully, You can really increase the level the level without changing the character of the source.

djlinus says:

I really have to say. The new update has enhanced the sonic character a lot. I compared it with some of the best limiters around and Magnus is now one of my favorite limiters!
Great work!


MaxLapierre says:

Fantastic sound and 0 Latency.
Excellent !

Jeffery says:

I have been using Waves WLM Plus to get a consistent -21 RMS on my voiceover recordings. Frustrated by its high price and annual renewal fees, I pored over my bundle of Hornet plugins, and discovered that Magnus MK2 does exactly what I need better than the Waves plugin (WLM doesn't have RMS metering), and it has been sitting in my FX collection for several months!!! I hope to get some time this week to incorporate other Hornet plugins in my FX chain, hopefully to replace all of my other plugins.

Creeper167 says:

Outstanding products.

merefox retronica says:

Best realtime limiter for OBS live streaming.

QuakeMobb Music says:

Always impressed with Hornet. Never lets me down.

Ján Čverčko says:

Everything you need is this limiter. Seriously! Mastered with many expensive ones, but only this one sound so natural and extremely loud at the same time without totaly squashing everithing. Hats off HoRNet!

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