HoRNet TheNormalizer

TheNormalizer 1.3.3 is available, this update is free for owners of the plugin and includes:

  • Added Apple Silicon native compatibility for AAX
  • Changed behavior of analyze/normalize buttons to prevent normalization from messing up LUFS int.
  • Removed AU midi effect instance of Logic that was there by mistake
  • Fixed random crash when changing to / from LUFS mode

Auto gain staging tool for your track levels

TheNormalizer is a gain plugin designed to help you get proper gain staging and set each track of your mix and each bus to the level you want automatically.

It’s the plugin that encapsulate our auto-gain technology in a single package, with TheNormalizer you can automatically gain stage all of your tracks thanks to the grouping function or you can normailize your buses to the LUFS you want, also if you need to meet some maximum peak specification you can also normalize to the specific dBFS level.

And the best is that once the gain has been set the plugin only uses the CPU needed by a simple multiplication, so it doesn’t tax your computer at all.

TheNormalizer also has a handy “continuous mode” that can be used to continuously adjust the gain amount to match the level you set. This is similar to the behaviour of AutoGain Pro set with the internal reference and it’s perfect to slowly adjust the loudness of a dynamic track (like a voiceover for example).

The plugin offers a very easy and simple interface that allows you to quickly adjust  the parameters.


The demo is fully functional except for the fact that every now and then it will silence out, you cannot save parameter values with your session and the plugin will not respond to automation coming from the host.


  • Automatic audio normalization to the set level.
  • Level can be expressed in: dBFS, VU, RMS, LUFS (integrated, short term or momentary).
  • Peak or continuous normalization.
  • Group function to apply the same parameters to a group of plugins.
  • Gate to prevent normalization from working for low levels
  • macOS (10.13 and later) and Windows (Vista and later) support.
  • 64-bit only on both on Mac and Windows.
  • Apple Silicon native support
  • Audio Units VST2.4, VST3 and AAX format.

Copy protection

The HoRNet TheNormalizer has no copy protection, we don’t believe in copy protection, they are always cracked and they are annoying for the users, we all know you are not going to give away the plugin on the internet…

So simply download the plugin and enjoy your recordings!

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24 thoughts on “HoRNet TheNormalizer

Gennady G says:

Fantastic plugin!!!

MrV.I.P says:

I work in as a re-recording mixer and I've tried a bunch of this kind of plugins but this one is the best imo normalizing very fast in a AAF put all my clips at -27 very fast without riding volume inside the clip this is insane !!!

Osvaldo42 says:

Best Gain stage plug-in,
Hands down 🤌🤌👍👍🔥🔥

Kien Lim says:

A great plugin!!! Saves so much time and takes the pain out of gain staging, and, I also use it when I export audio tracks for stems! The first and last plugin on my channels!!! Love it!!!

bella1 says:

Excellent plugin, automatic gain levelling, RMS, LUFS!

bosterloop says:

Fantastic for gain staging in two clicks!
Love it!

Mikael B says:

I have this on every track in my template set to target LUFS momentary and I love it. The only drawback is sudden ultra-short loud level changes when it seeks the proper level (parts of a second).

Spike says:

This is the (for me) extremely hard-to-find solution for RMS. Then just add a true peak limiter afterwards. Voila! ACX specs taken care of… Nothing is missing. No needless distractions. A perfect plugin that deserves an appreciative review.

I have a good working true peak limiter demo from another source, but if there is a Hornet version, it should be prominently recommended right along with this.

Jason says:

This plug-in is a quick and incredible way to get max db on your individual tracks before clipping or limiting. My only wish is an “auto analyze off” botton that after reaching your chosen level turns the analyze button off.

Carlos Ramos says:

This is a really great idea. I'm surprised there aren't more plugins like this.

Normalizing everything to LUFS is really useful for pre mixing. What would be even better would be the ability to choose different curves rather than the standard K weighted LUFS. Then you could pick favorite curves for different styles of music. I would love a "pink" mixing curve for example.

Rafael Belor says:

Using this to gainstage everything to 0VU (voltage units) to make all plugins and hardware happy, then as a second instance gainstaging everything to LUFS (human hearing) is almost like automixing/rough mix without work and feels like cheating and in 3 minutes the real FUN begins!! <3 you could even add a third instance that makes sure you're not going over 0dBFS. finally gain staging, which is so important and overlooked, is no pain in the a** anymore

Jordan says:

Hello, 🙂

I've been looking for a plugin like this one for a long time thanks it's perfect I recommend it to you it's the best 😉
I congratulate the team for this very powerful plugin

Good music to all 😉

paragbe says:

I work in post and gain staging us always a time consuming. Hence I bought this plugin. And Its works exactly like I wanted. And Hornet plugins are way way way too cheaper and also effective as any pro sounding plugins.

admin says:

Or you can simply use a limiter after the plugin to get the same effect. 🙂

theglassguy says:

One MAJOR issue with this plugin… it has no built-in limiter!

I tried "normalizing" the RMS level of a track to an industry standard and I got crazy amounts of clipping!

Adobe Audition has this same loudness normalization tool built in, but I wanted a plugin, so I bought this one from Hornet. Unfortunately, unlike the Audition tool, Hornets' doesn't give you the option of applying a limiter at the same time to prevent clipping. Worse yet, there is no way to know if there will be clipping without first running the plugin, so I'm constantly running, undoing, adjusting, and repeating.

This plugin is a 5 with a simple limiter built in. Without it, I can't give it more than a 2.

This is a major flaw in an otherwise useful tool

jonathon edenfield says:

Another fantastic plugin from Hornet! Easy to use, easy to set up, and AFFORDABLE! TheNormalizer takes away the tedium of setting up your tracks (which we all should do, but sadly, inspiration doesn't wait); especially if you are like me and write "by the seat of your pants", and then find yourself overwhelmed with trying to organize scratch tracks. They could charge more, and would still be better priced than the competition.

Alessandro Gilibini says:

I have asked for support about The Normalizer but after a few days no response yet. In my experience the customer service is terrible.

Shkatov Sergey says:

Great idea, user-friendly interface, useful functionality! I love this plugin!

Steve Masterson says:

Wholly crap I love you man! I just bought and tried this, I had faith. I have a large project I'm mixing, so many instrument stems and of course they sent me stems where they were all over the place.

I dropped this on the tracks hit play set my levels on each track while I drank a coke.

The most useful plugin ever!

Petteri Mikkola says:

Really great way to auto-gain when you want to adjust a plugin that doesn't have auto-gain (for example saturation or distortion plugins). I leave it on continuous mode with VU or RMS measure, seems to work well to auto-level adjustments made on other plugins, especially when trialing/exploring a new plugin.

Daniel Mauric says:

Normalizer is exactly what I've been looking for. Couldn't be simpler or more effective. It seems simple yet somehow no on ever implemented this .

sebastien wittebolle says:

Good normarlizer , i'll like see more options on futrures version.

Big Boy says:

These plugins sting like a HoRnEt!! Great value

Jeroen Simons says:

I really support HoRNet plugins, because they are great plugins and this one is very usable for our mixes in terms of volume control…

Cheers, Jeroen Simons, Independent/ex-Epica.

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