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The HoRNet SW34EQ is an equalizer coming straight from the 80s. It’s the digital version of the EQ found in an American console and it features the typical analog EQ sound and controls.

This plugin is specifically modeled after one channel of this console used in the main room of Virus Studio, here in Siena, Italy. This EQ is very smooth and gentle, both in the EQ shapes (bells and shelves) and it’s almost perfect for general tone shaping, especially the low shelf gives weight to the sound without pumping it too much.

You also get an high-pass filter at 40Hz with 18dB/oct slope that can be activated even if the rest of the EQ is not.


Complete analog emulation

logo virus studioThe SW34EQ does not just model the EQ curves but also the saturation characteristics of the original device, we are talking about an 80s console here so there are op-amp everywhere in the signal path and the saturation mainly produces even harmonics, but as you crank the gain a lot of odd harmonics jumps out. Of course the hiss is modeled too and the whole emulation can be deactivated.

We also tried to emulate the workflow of the EQ and we put the frequency and gain knob on the same axis, the only indication of the current frequency for every band is on the outer of the knob, while there is no explicit gain indication for the gain knob, you only know that at maximum you have +/- 15dB of gain or reduction. This is for hardcore mixers who use their ears and nothing else to get the job done.

Testimonials and Reviews

This HoRNet SW34EQ has a lot of positives going for it and even the few negatives don’t negate the fact that it just sounds friggin’ good.  It really is starting to become part of my workflow and is basically in every new session at this point; usually multiple instances.


Video overview


Demo limitation

The demo is fully functional except for the fact that every now and then it will silence out, you cannot save parameter values with your session and the plugin will not respond to automation coming from the host.


  • 4 band equalizer
  • high and low shelf filters
  • 2 parametric filters with three different Q
  • low cut filter at 40Hz with 18/dB octave slope
  • analog emulation with saturation and hiss
  • Mac OS X (>=10.7) and Windows support
  • 64bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows
  • Audio Units, VST2.4, VST3 and AAX format

Copy protection

The HoRNet SW34EQ has no copy protection, I don’t believe in copy protection, they are always cracked and they are annoying for the users, we all know you are not going to give away the plugin on the internet…

So simply download the plugin and enjoy your recordings!

12 thoughts on “HoRNet SW34EQ

Shannon Lyon says:

I love this plugin. It's smooth and very accurate. I love it for fine tuning on my drum bus! A real surprise!!

Jens Robert Janke says:

The SW34EQ strikes a fine balance between simplicity and flexibility. The two mid bands are very versatile and there is absolutely no way to make them sound bad. The saturation's character is certainly on the smooth side without ever rendering the sound dull or mushy. In fact it lends silkyness and clarity and even a certain grit to the sound when driven hard.

It is said to be a faithful emulation of the EQ of a certain hardware console and it might be a good one at that. I don't know and honestly I also don't care much. If anything I wish it wouldn't adopt the hardware's shortcomings in terms of usability. Having a band's frequency selection and gain in the same spot saves space on a hardware unit but makes little sense in a plugin, especially in a plugin as small as this one, which doesn't take much screen real estate. Also I wish for a more flexible highpass filter and the ability to enable/disable bands. Such improvements along with maybe slightly more refined graphics would make for a magnifiscent SW34EQ MKii.

But even in its current state the SW34EQ is easily one of the best color EQs out there. It helps to shape and enhance the character of a voice or an instrument in a way only few plugins can. And considering its price this EQ is the best value for money you will find among all audio plugins – hands-down.

Gabriel Lazcano says:

SW34EQ is a fine rendition of a not very popular console, armed with a useful set of filters (that can go from "so subtle I don't know if this is doing something" to being a real "sonic chizel") and a rich, round distortion that adds its character but doesn't get in your way. It surely is a jewel in a market flodded with emulations of the old and well renowned consoles. The only half point I deduct is because, being a faithful recreation of its realworld counterpart, it losses a little in the practicality department (metering, knob placement). Nothing serious, but could annoy some.

Jan.cj says:

after using so many digital vst's out there I finally wanted to have some decent warmth analog sound of 80's for my mixes . .I didn't realized that I'll be able to achieve that goal till I reach upon to Hornet SW34EQ thank you Hornet software vst for making it possible

Sergey Shkatov says:

Very accurate and great sounding equalizer! As for the overall mix and tonal balance of the individual instruments!

Vez says:

I have a series 30 and this thing is really close and a quicker way for me to get that "sound" without having to print it through the board. The familarity is going to make this eq one of my defaults. Great work hornet now make a model after the SUPER EQ on the series 30 and SELL THAT SHIT TO UAD!

Tim says:

Bought this a while back and while other EQs come and go this one is a reliable favourite when wanting to paint with the sound instead of merely machining the sound into place.
I confess I sometimes cheat and switch to the generic UI to see the values better.
Detented gain knobs (which seem to act in 1dB steps) would be a nice feature one day maybe.

[email protected] says:

I demoed it quiet intensivley.
It is very nice eq, indeed!
It reminds me ssl console style eq. But low shelf is quiet unique and give nice weight to bass drum.
There is some aliasing artifact on additional harmonics, you can observe it in analyzer, but inaudible.
Definately, I'll take it!!

UpWithPeople says:

I cut my teeth on an Otari Series 54 console, with the same EQ. It's great that Saverio made a plugin of this — it's like having an old friend back!

Russ says:

One sweet EQ, I really like the peaking filters, one or two more would be a bonus.
I don't find the shelving filter as inspiring as the peak filters, nevertheless, still usable.
Very musical, there's not many out there, and if there is not at this price point.
Nice to find an EQ with some mojo.

Seabeast says:

I love driving the input to the RED on each channel! It is like a magic! EQ is sweet as well.

regressor18 says:

This is one amazing EQ!

I love the speed you can work with this EQ. Easy to dial up a tone quickly. Its very musical sounding with very broad High and Low Shelf filters. Totally could do an entire mix with just this EQ.

This guy is a gem to have for all mixers. The only other available EQ plugin that is era comparable to this one would be a Harrison. Same musical vibe but with a few different controls. This plugin just has an 80's console vibe.

Very unique EQ to have in your toolkit

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