Correlation meter plugin to quickly identify stereo field issues

HoRNet StereoView is a correlation meter designed to help you visualise the stereo image of your tracks.
The design of the plugin is very straightforward and easy to understand since the interface is completely occupied by the “goniometer”: an X-Y graph that displays the intensity of the signal in the stereo field.

StereoView allows you to change between two different views: the default, that we call “fireworks” that shows every sample as a straight line starting from the center, and the one we call “abstract” that connect each sample in the stereo field to the next one creating a continuous “wire”.

Another useful feature of the interface is the ability to be rescaled at will so you can resize it to fill the right spot on your screen.
A goniometer like HoRNet StereoView can be a very handy tool to directly see if your track have any anti-phase issue that may create problems when your track is played in mono, something that happens very often with mobile music listening today.


The demo is fully functional except for the fact that every now and then it will silence out, you cannot save parameter values with your session and the plugin will not respond to automation coming from the host.


  • Display of stereo position and level of each sample.
  • Old CRT display persistence simulation for easier visualisation.
  • Two display modes: “fireworks” and “abstract”.
  • GUI can be freely rescaled.
  • macOS (10.7 and later) and Windows (Vista and later) support.
  • 32 and 64-bit on Windows, 64bit on Mac.
  • Audio Units VST2.4, VST3, AAX format.
  • Apple Silicon not supported yet

Copy protection

The HoRNet StereoView has no copy protection, I don’t believe in copy protection, they are always cracked and they are annoying for the users, we all know you are not going to give away the plugin on the internet…

So simply download the plugin and enjoy your recordings!

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16 thoughts on “HoRNet StereoView

Islam says:

Good Job

Trevor says:

Loved the stereo width demo. Can't wait to try it

Jacques PRESTREAU says:

As many users… although fan of Saverio's products I can't get this one and all the others in the same case just because I'm not involved in social medias and will never be. That's really a bad idea to enforce the fans who have already an account and already purchased products. I understand that this kind of mandatory requirement should be fine for simple visitors who are not logged in… but for the logged users it would have been much better to simply have these free products automatically in their account. Because if we have an account (and why not, at least one purchased product) it means that we enjoy Saverio's plugins and are probably already glad to talk about them on forums. There is a intense life in the the forums (KVR, GearsLutz, Audiofanzine, etc)… outside the social medias.

LostKafka says:

I own much of your plugins and they are all great! But … I´m not willing to do some social media thing. Why? I tell all my friends about your plugins without sharing on strange media pages with the use of more than strange media plugins. But … I wish there will be a way to get these free plugins on another way. At least I would pay a bit for that, why not?

Renato Sa says:


Colin McKenna says:

Sorry guys, same here. I do not have nor do I ever want an account with either.

Thomas Doyle says:

Think twice before you pollute the unviverse with your negativity Michael Wirth. Saverio is a good man and a great plugin developer. This is free and all that he is asking is for you to give him some good word of mouth, which apparently you don't seem to be able to muster. Good luck in life.

All of HORNET PLUGINS are a super value.

Bo Brummel says:

Michael, I'm getting a sense that something is wrong – how does this make you feel?

lilmann says:

I can't download either…..I don't have Twitter or Facebook… what?

Michele says:

Peccato…ho acquistato tanti meravigliosi plugin Hornet che utilizzo giornalmente ed ero felice di questo regalo…. Ma non ho intenzione di registrarmi su Facebook o Twitter solo per scaricarlo… Mi spiace.

Matthias says:

Hi Savario,
I like your plugins ans innovative reatures
for a good price
Well, I don´t use these social medias …
Is there an other way to get this plugin ?

Jean-Marc Goyot says:


Martín Vidal says:


Brian Mahoney says:

5 Stars!!! Great plugin.

Jean-Marc Goyot says:

thanks 🙂

Aneiro Tano says:

Great tools !!

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