HoRNet Sleek 1.1.0 is available, this update is free for owners of the plugin and includes:

  • Added delta mode to listen only for the removed part of the signal
  • Fixed crash when overlapping upper and lower spectrum limit
  • Fixed crash when moving quickly an EQ band
  • Fixed crash when resizing window in some DAWs with VST3
  • Fixed crash when changing UI theme on Windows
  • Fixed high CPU usage in FL Studio and with lower buffer size in general

Ultimate Resonance Suppressor

Elevate your audio productions to new heights with HoRNet Sleek, the ultimate solution for achieving unparalleled clarity and precision in your tracks. Designed by HoRNet Plugins, Sleek is an innovative automatic resonance suppressor that revolutionizes the way you sculpt and refine your sound.

Gone are the days of grappling with unwanted resonances that muddy your mixes and compromise the integrity of your music. With HoRNet Sleek at your fingertips, you can effortlessly detect and suppress critical resonances, ensuring every element of your audio shines with clarity and definition.

At the heart of Sleek lies its advanced automatic resonance suppression technology, which intelligently identifies and attenuates problematic frequencies in real time. Say goodbye to harsh overtones, boomy bass lines, and muddied midrange, Sleek empowers you to sculpt your sound with precision and finesse.

But Sleek doesn’t stop there. With its built-in preprocess equalizer, featuring four independently tweakable bands, you have the tools to emphasize critical frequencies and tailor the sonic character of your tracks to perfection. Whether you’re sculpting the delicate sparkle of high-end frequencies or shaping the warmth of the low end, Sleek gives you the control you need to achieve your sonic vision.

Visualize your audio spectrum with ease thanks to Sleek’s intuitive graphical display, providing invaluable insight into the spectral makeup of your tracks. Set precise spectral windows, adjust the Sleek Factor for nuanced processing, and fine-tune the filtering stage with deep control over parameters such as number of filters, Q, attack, and release.

With factory and custom presets, light and dark mode support, and a vector-based user interface optimized for sharp visualization at any resolution, Sleek is engineered for seamless integration into your workflow. And with cross-platform compatibility across macOS and Windows, in Audio Units, VST, VST3, and AAX formats, Sleek ensures that no matter your setup, you have access to pristine sound quality at your fingertips.


The demo is fully functional except for the fact that every now and then it will silence out, you cannot save parameter values with your session and the plugin will not respond to automation coming from the host.


Copy protection

The HoRNet Sleek has no copy protection, we don’t believe in copy protection, they are always cracked and they are annoying for the users, we all know you are not going to give away the plugin on the internet…

So simply download the plugin and enjoy your recordings!

8 thoughts on “HoRNet Sleek

joris boulet says:

A Valid alternative for other brands, The same for less $, even more options then some of the other!

AL says:

I have an ancient Dell i7 2012 laptop and using SLEEK on master track in Mixcraft 9 Pro only shows max 23% System load with all SLEEK "processing settings" maxed out. (Oops, forgot to give the 5 star rating).

Erik Miller says:

This plug-in a huge resource eater. I'm very disappointed.

Testing it on a single track as the only plug-in in the whole project, my DAW (Cakewalk) reports a whopping 70% engine usage with the track playing, and 35% usage even with the transport stopped. For comparison, MeldaProduction MSpectralDynamics reports 4% load under the same conditions.

My system isn't the latest, an 17 6950X, but it's no slouch either, with 10 cores and 32G RAM.

Although when I download the latest version, the website and the ZIP name indicate v 1.0.1, when I open the About box, it shows v 1.0.0. Please fix either the ZIP file name or the About box to correctly indicate what version I've downloaded.

Eyal says:

Sleek is a gem. It does exactly what it says, making mixing a breeze. Although I've only tried it on my latest mix, it's already proven its worth. However, I do wish it included features like "Delta," Mid/Side processing, and external sidechain support. Despite these desires, Sleek earns a solid five stars for its simplicity and effectiveness. It's a must-have for any mixing setup.

AORUA says:

Sleek works exceptionally well on individual tracks, reducing a lot of time. The quality is top notch. Sleek does the same job if not better verse other plugins costing hundreds of dollars. I am using Nuendo, the newest version, and I did not notice a performance usage issue while having it on multiple individual tracks. The truth is now, that I have been using the Sleek plugin on my newest mix, I would find it disappointing to not have it. It is just that Good!

exfusion89 says:

Beautiful Plugin. Beautiful Price. CPU friendly
I tested Soothe 2 vs Sleek.
Sleek missing some features against soothe but i have to say that sleek sounds better for me.

I'm quicker with it and it's easier to find the sweet spot at problematic frequencies.

With 192khz oversampling in Reaper its a quality improvement.

Thank you hornet Team.

Richard Dickson says:

Thank you, Severio! I got this last night (USA) on sale. It looks like it will be very helpful. I did seem to have the same issues as Giodano Boschetti though. I double-clicked on the band and Reaper crashed. Also, the CPU load bogged down a mix session, but worked fine in a mastering session although even there it doubled the CPU load. I plan to try again in a mix situation with fewer filters to see if that helps.

giordano boschetti says:

very very very nice tool, with affordable price, only two problem with reaper…

realtime cpu heat from 30% to 80%… in masterbus

double click on band, crash reaper with runtime error

i espect saverio fix it faster, i want to include this plugin in my workflow 🙂

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