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The HoRNet FAT-FET is a sound processor that provides you with a FET compressor emulation model, simulating the characteristics of an analog blue stripe vintage compressor The algorithm makes no compromise trying to achieve the best possible quality, still maintaining a reasonable CPU load.

The algorithm is the same as the one found in our Multicomp and Multicomp Plus MK2 but with a slight twist in the side chain that creates a little more aggressive sound (the blue stripe version of this compressor had a slight more distortion in the side chain that caused more distortion in the compressed signal)

The FAT-FET can be found in the Computer Music Magazine DVD and is not available anywhere else.


  • Analogue-style dynamics based on classic 1176 FET compression
  • Optional High Quality oversampling mode for even better sound
  • Ultra-fast attack times, down to just 0.02ms!
  • Fully adjustable threshold (unlike fixed threshold on 1176)
  • Sweepable ratio (unlike button-based selection on 1176)
  • Input/Output metering
  • Gain reduction metering
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU/VST
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST

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You got to get this plug inn , it will rescue a track right now,
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mixing inginer

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Awesome PlugIns from Hornet..Definately 5 STAR

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