Multicomp Plus MK2 2.0.3 is available, this update is free and includes:

  • Fixed phasing with transformer model
  • Fixed editing of knobs value on windows 64 bit
  • Small performance tweaks

Download the update logging into your account

Watch while the signal is compressed

HoRNet Multicomp Plus MK2

HoRNet Multicomp Plus MK2 the second version of our high quality and versatile plugin compressor. It features five compressor models (VCA, OPTO, FET, Console4K and VCA160) and an expander (based on the VCA model).

Multicomp Plus MK2 is perfect for every mixing need providing five classic compression algorithms, from the dry VCA to the very fat FET model and including two new models (Console4K and VCA160) based on timeless VCA designs, we have also re-designed the OPTO model to be more faithful to the classico optical compressors of the past.

If you need analog warmth Multicomp Plus MK2 provides a different emulation for every model and you can also adjust the intensity of the saturation. The analog emulation is the same as the one found in AnalogStage and includes an input transformer model too. If you don’t like the hiss that comes with analog you can turn it off.

You don’t have to worry about gain staging thanks to the internal makeup gain algorithm and the auto input and output gain adjustment that let you change from one model to another without being fooled by loudness change.

Each model can be fed with an external side-chain, and the side-chain has two filters, a high pass and a low pass, both filters are full range, working from 20 to 20000Hz.

HoRNet Multicomp Plus MK2 features the standard attack, release, ratio and threshold controls, and also provides a waveform display with both input and output signal so that is easy to monitor the processing that is taking place, also a visual representation of the gain reduction is provided.

Like every other HoRNet dynamics processor Multicomp Plus MK2 has a “RealGR” gain reduction meter. The meter moves at the speed of audio so you can “see” how fast the gain reduction is being applied, but the meter also has a peak hold function so that the maximum reduction applied in the last 3 seconds is always in front of you.

High quality processing is guaranteed by 2 or 4 times oversampling that drastically reduces the amount of aliasing distortion generated by the compression algorithm, a new “auto” option is provided that will always guarantee the best oversampling option for the model you have chosen.

A handy dry / wet knob allows you to create parallel compression with ease, the level of the wet signal is kept at the right spot by the adaptive make up gain algorithm.

To speed up you compression task and let you choose the best model for the task more effectively Multicomp Plus MK2 provides an auto threshold function that adjusts the threshold knob automatically to reach the desired gain reduction amount.

Demo limitation

The demo is fully functional except for the fact that every now and then it will silence out, you cannot save parameter values with your session and the plugin will not respond to automation coming from the host.


  • Five compression models (VCA, FET, OPTO, Console4K, VCA160) and one expander.
  • Auto make up gain algorithm.
  • Auto threshold to desired gain reduction
  • Analog emulation based on AnalogStage
  • Adjustable analog emulation level
  • Input transformer emulation option
  • Separate hiss control.
  • Input, output and gain reduction waveform visualisation, for visual compression control.
  • “RealGR” meter showing real speed gain reduction with peak hold.
  • External side-chain.
  • High pass and Low pass filters for the side-chain.
  • Up to 4x oversampling with “Auto” option
  • Input and output gain control with automatic gain adjustment.
  • Dry / Wet knob for parallel compression.
  • Mac OS X (>=10.7) and Windows support
  • 64-bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows
  • Audio Units VST2.4, VST3 and AAX format

Video Overview


Copy protection

The HoRNet Multicomp Plus MK2 has no copy protection, I don’t believe in copy protection, they are always cracked and they are annoying for the users, we all know you are not going to give away the plugin on the internet…

So simply download the plugin and enjoy your recordings!

3 thoughts on “HoRNet Multicomp Plus MK2

Duncan MacLennan says:

i found the name very misleading!

I thought it was a multi-BAND compressor, with all these models inside
was really excited for a second

Still a good compressor, continuing the demo now

Marcus says:

This compressor has taken the place of a lot of compressors because of its versatility. I love the new look and features , I've used it on mixbus, smashbus & just on my regular tracks and it sounds amazing ! The new Console4k mode really sounds good as well the new VCA160 mode, 5 compressors in one…What more can you ask for ? And for the price ! There's no reason you shouldn't be trying this out.

tacerto says:

I don't have many compressors and I can tell you why I purchased all the ones I have, and it is usually because of a feature or a specific capability. When it comes to this compressor, after downloading the demo I bought it simply because it sounds good to my ears. With certain settings it moves beautifully. Funny because this unit is pretty expensive compared to other Hornet items, so I downloaded the demo being sure I was not going to purchase it.

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