hornet tapeWe have just updated Tape, our vintage tape simulation machine
The new 1.2.0 version is a maintenance release and includes:
  • Added Apple M1 support
  • Fixed crash on Garage Band
  • Improved mono track performance
  • Fixed plugin GUI not scaling in hi dpi monitors on Windows
  • Removed 32bit support
  • Upped minimum requirements to macOS 10.11 on mac
The update is free for owners of the plugin and can be downloaded from the user area or using HoRNet DoIn, our downloader installer

2 thoughts on “HoRNet Tape 1.2.0 update”

John Mansfield says:

I purchased the
Mk4. Hi meter &
Cannot open or install on mac
10.11.2 osx

John Mansfield says:

Purchased mk4
VU Meter and cannot open it
(Zip file) or install
It on my mac
Osx 10.11.2.
Have tried multiple times
with no success.

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