Wishing you all a happy Easter, we decided to offer you a special sale.

Starting from April 4th and until April 8th every HoRNet plugin (except the new Total EQ) will be available with 60% discount, all the bundles will have a 30% discount.

Have a look on the countdown on our website to not miss the change to get our plugins for less than half their original price.


4 thoughts on “HoRNet Easter sale: 60% off almost every plugin”

Dhodi Agusta says:

Best DEAL ever!

Darren Christie says:

Can you extend the sale? Easter's only just started.

admin says:

We have sales very often, please keep your eyes open on our website and our socials 🙂

DandroidMKII says:

A four day sale? 🙁 I'll buy it anyways but maybe do some more promotional ads

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