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HoRNet Sleek

Advanced resonance removal tool. Polish your sounds with a few clicks.

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Improve your headphones mixes

The plugin designed to give you a virtual "master bus" in Dolby Atmos

Key chords and tempo detection utility

Multi track spectrum analyzer

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About us

HoRNet was born by an idea of Saverio Vigni, Italian programmer and electronic music producer.

Everything started covering his mixing needs and rapidly expanding to the need of his studio friends creating some of the best affordable VST plugins. Today HoRNet Plugins it’s an established reality in the professional audio world with a wide range of mixing and mastering utilities including some of the best free VST plugins.

Showcase your work

If you mixed your songs using one of our our premium or free VST plugin, send us your tracks we will showcase your work in our “Mixed with HoRNet Plugins” section, we think it’s a great way to let other HoRNet users what you did with our audio plugins!