Learn to correctly set the gain and levels of your mix

watch this webinar about gain staging using our plugins

Welcome to our webinar on correct gain staging of a mixing session using HoRNet Plugins. In this session, we focus on three powerful plugins: HoRNet VU Meter MK4, HoRNet LU Meter MK2, and HoRNet TheNormalizer, and how they can help you achieve optimal gain staging when mixing your tracks. Gain staging is a critical aspect of the mixing process that can make or break the quality of your final mix. Therefore, we have designed this webinar to provide you with practical tips and techniques to properly set your levels using these powerful HoRNet plugins, ensuring that your mix sounds clear, balanced, and professional.

About the plugins in this webinar

Loudness meter with grouping and auto gain

Digital VU meter with automatic gain

Automatic gain staging and volume levelling