We are thrilled to announce the release of Cassette644, our latest plugin that brings the iconic charm of vintage cassette tapes right into your digital studio.

Cassette644 faithfully emulates the distinctive sonic characteristics of classic cassette tapes, allowing you to infuse your music with that warm, lo-fi goodness. From subtle saturation and gentle compression to unique frequency coloration, Cassette644 adds a touch of vintage magic to your tracks.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Cassette Tape Emulation
  • Three-Band EQ for Precise Tone Shaping
  • Realistic Hiss Emulation
  • Variable Tape Speed Control
  • Versatile Routing Options
  • Seamless Oversampling for Enhanced Audio Quality
  • Link Multiple Instances for Realistic Multitrack Experience
  • Precise Input and Output Level Control
  • Authentic VU Meters for Visual Monitoring

Get Cassette644 now for only €16,99 and embark on a sonic journey back in time!



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