Hi everyone, we know it’s a very hard time for large part of the world and because of the required lockdown to contain the COVID19 virus contagion we must stay at home. To help you we decided to set one of our plugins free, the analog equalizer SW34EQ MK2.

To get the plugin for free simply use the code before April 3rd:


We are sure that this plugin will help you to get warmer mixes and give you one more tool for you to enjoy!

The HoRNet Plugins staff

117 thoughts on “HoRNet SW34EQ MK2 FREE”

Álmos Lehoczki says:

Thank you so much!!

Soundy Ru says:

Really appreciate your kindness

Edwin says:

Está muy interesante

Xavier Vazquez says:


Julio says:


Wilson says:


Kim says:

Thank You

MaxTomax says:

Saverio, sei la persona meno venale d'Italia 🙂
Grazie da un tuo cliente. Max

Carpina estudio says:


Raffaele Stefani says:


hhs says:

Thank u so much

Roy Long says:


Thyra says:

Thank you.

Vic Minaskanians says:

Thank you!

Neil Jardine says:

Thank you very much

Joe Primeau says:


vidal says:

muchas gracias

Wilson says:


kathryn bradley says:

thank u hornet. this is a great pluggin i used it today on snare drum an vocals and bloody love it. mario

Andrew Salcedo says:

Thank you so much for this plugin. Take care guys.
from San Fernando Valley, California

patrick merida says:

thank you

Marcio says:

very good

Jed Wunderli says:

Thank you.

Jake Quinn says:

thanks guys awesome

Boffi BANENGOLA says:

Merci pour le cadeau!

Renato szmyhiel da says:

Muito bom

Kre So says:

Thank you!

Max Torres says:

hola gracias

A7mad says:

Thank U

Thx for the gift! I will put it on work on my current production.
Best thoughts from France!

Janek says:

Thank you

mario says:

How to download it? Can you please show me the steps? Where to use the code?

John Rodriguez says:

Gracias stay safe


Thank you for the plugin will come in handy.

m choc says:

Thank you so much – hope you stay safe! x

Albert Gray says:

Thank you

Anthony Oetzmann says:

Thank you very much from Berlin, Germany.

Gyoseon says:


Sal says:

Thank you so much. We love Italy and are praying for you all.

Bruce h says:

I would love to try this to see what I can make or get out of it

Matthew says:

Thanks very much for this, you are a great fellow. I have about half a dozen of your plugins I really like and use a lot. Mainly-VU meter, Tape, and Fat Fet.

kenneth lusk says:

This is a brilliant channel EQ on vocals. Really impressive sound + 4 adjustable bands. Thank you Hornet!

Jayeru says:

Been a loyal Hornet customer but this is a great addition!

Marcus Herbold says:


Katsuyuki Orito says:

Thanks WeLove.

Heartii says:

Smooth plugin, very efficient !

daniel marques says:

Thank you very much
daniel fron brazil

Stefan Rott says:

both the VST3 and the dll cause a crash in Samplitude ProX4 (WIN10 64 bit version, latest update)

Anderson Chun says:


Thanks a lot for the very nice offer in these days. I was really curios about this one.

Luis Cabrera says:

Nice! Ty so much

kapoios says:


HN says:

Thank You

Gato Leiras says:

Tank you from Germany!

hansam says:

I love you

Daragh says:

Thank you very much.

Floyd Fransman says:

Thank you guys great again!

ALEXIS says:


Michael says:

Thank you!
Keep safe

Marcus Aburelius says:


Jean Benoit says:

Really Nice. Thank you for the gift !

ato says:

Thank you! A very good plugin (as all your plugins). All the best from Switzerland. Stay safe!

Maarten Ornstein says:

Thank you!

Sergey says:

thank you

Thank you. Sharing on www.quora.com.

Paulo Matos says:

Thanks!! No doubt this is a very good plugin.
All the best and stay safe

Yulkim says:

I want this plugin. Thanks to you.

Eusebio says:

Thank you very much Saverio! I do hope that the crisis in Italy, Spain and elsewhere will soon make a turn for the better. Best wishes and stay safe.

Lars Hollen says:

Thank you!

Diego França says:

Nice one!!!

Grzegorz says:

Jesteście super wielkie dzięki!!!!!!!!

Nice move in those dark days…
Molto gratzia….Nick…

Barry Mork says:

This makes me happy…



Guenther Schroeder says:

Thanks so much. I was feeling a bit down due to everything that has been going on with COVID-19 and it's negative impact on my income. Your generosity has definitely brightened my day.

Chris T says:


Valentin-Ionut Pop says:

Nice ! Thank you !

Niki Rose says:

That's really nice of you. Have downloaded and will enjoy trying this out on some mixes.

All the best from sunny England : )

Lippai Mihály says:

Thanks, and keep stayin' homw!

Tim Gottgetreu says:

Thank you and cheers to your generosity! I have several hornet plugins and love them all.

konstantinos says:


konstantinos says:


arcoirisparami says:


Thanks so very much for the great gift of this equalizer. It's very kind of you to give this away for free.

David Beneke says:

Thank you! Stay healthy and God Bless!

Dee T says:

Thank you Saverio & team for your generosity (as usual). I had my eye on this for a while, thinking next time when I can.

Best wishes take care and stay safe!

oda says:

Good !

Karl says:

Thank you!

terezjusz says:

dobre to jest

Nitzan Dahan says:

Thank you for this!! such a great company!!

RUIZEN says:

Very good complement!, Just what I was looking for.


Many thanks from France

Wolfgang Schrepfer says:

thanks for your HoRNet SW34EQ MK2 Equalizer

Samuel Ribeiro says:

Thank you, I like and use your products a lot.

Richard Cooke says:

you sir are a legend, thank you!

Washington Tocantins says:

Muito grato pela oferta gratuita!

Russell Frontin says:

A wonderful gesture. Thank you

Magshine says:

Big Thanks to Saverio for this great opportunity to use this great EQ plugin.
Love your ThirtyOne Eq to make a bit of pretty corrections on final mix and mix busses.

kakati says:

Nice one !

Takanori Ishigami says:

Thank you

Samuel Ribeiro says:

Thanks for the gift. I really like your products. Big hug.

Ben Karr says:

Amazing Plugin.

Excellent, just amazing. Thank you guys. I have many HorNet plugins and love them. Tape is used very often. The VU meter is on every session.

graham hawkins says:

thank you – a very kind and generous gift to the music making community
stay safe

Robert Bohner says:

You are so kind, stay safe:)

Nick Moxsom says:

Thank you. A generous thought in these troubling but creative times.

Rainer says:

Thank you

Amir Grant says:

Hornet Plugins always save the day whether it is crisis or not. You guys have so many sales that it would be stupid for anyone not to assist your business or buy your plugins. Thank you for the free EQ! I have been dying to try this one too

Joel F says:

Thank you! Egger to give it a go.

davidd says:

thank you

Joao Rocha says:

Very good

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