We have just released the new Harmonics Pro, the advanced version of our free plugin.

Harmonics Pro allows you to control up to 10 different harmonics and a clipper with pre- emphasis and de-emphasis filters and the options hysteresis behavior.

Here’s the complete list of features:

  • Up to 10 different harmonics can be added to original signal
  • Master control for harmonics level
  • Soft clipper
  • Pre emphasis and de emphasis eq with up to 4 different filters
  • Hysteresis simulation (transformer, tube and magnetic tape behavior)
  • Input and output level can be linked to keep level constant
  • Separate dry and wet controls
  • Intelligent oversampling that allows the plugin to always work internally at 192Khz
  • Vector user interface which is sharp on every resolution
  • Freely resizable user interface
  • Apple Silicon M1 support
  • macOS (10.11 and later) and Windows (Vista and later) support.
  • 64-bit on Mac and Windows.
  • Audio Units, VST, VST3 and AAX format.

HoRNet Harmonics Pro is available for just 10,99€ and if you own the free Harmonics it’s just 5,49€.

As always, we provide a 15 days 100% money back guarantee but you can try the demo before buying.

Owners of the complete bundle can have the plugin with 40% discount.

Screenshot HoRNet SyncpPressor

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