HoRNet Plugins, a leading audio software developer, is proud to announce the release of Magnus Lite, a powerful and versatile brickwall limiter and clipper plugin. The best part is, it is completely free of cost to all users.

Magnus Lite is the streamlined version of HoRNet’s acclaimed brickwall limiter plugin, Magnus. It comes equipped with a clipper and limiter functions, providing a comprehensive and unified audio solution. The gain control for the clipper and the limiter with a fixed threshold of -0.2dB, coupled with the release time control, allows users to create exceptional audio output with maximum loudness while retaining the clarity and integrity of their audio.

In addition to its comprehensive audio functions, Magnus Lite comes with a sleek and intuitive interface with both light and dark mode options, ensuring a comfortable user experience. The plugin supports both Windows (version 10 and above) and MacOS (version 10.13 and above) and is natively compatible with Apple Silicon.

HoRNet Plugins continues to deliver cutting-edge audio solutions to users worldwide, and Magnus Lite is no exception. This complimentary plugin presents an opportunity for musicians, sound engineers, and content creators to elevate their audio production game and achieve exceptional results.

Download Magnus Lite today and discover its exceptional capabilities. HoRNet Plugins welcomes users to join their community, where they can share their feedback, ask questions and keep up to date with the latest developments in the world of audio software.


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two in one! nothing better then that

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