We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest masterpiece, Magnus MK3! This remarkable plugin represents the third generation of our renowned brick wall limiter, delivering a wealth of new features and enhancements that will revolutionize your audio mastering experience.

With Magnus MK3, you can expect unrivaled control, precision, and sonic excellence. Our team of experts has carefully crafted this plugin to meet the demands of audio professionals like you, ensuring optimal loudness and clarity in your tracks.

Featuring a versatile clipper and limiter in a single package, Magnus MK3 empowers you to shape your sound with five different clipper algorithms, including tape saturation for that coveted warm and analog feel. The five limiter algorithms, including an authentic analog emulation, allow for precise control over your audio dynamics.

Magnus MK3 goes beyond the basics, providing advanced features like gain settings for the clipper and limiter, adjustable ceiling limits, and the ability to sync the release time to your DAW’s tempo. The auto-release algorithm analyzes your audio and automatically determines the optimal release time for a seamless workflow.

To ensure pristine audio quality, Magnus MK3 offers up to 16X oversampling, minimizing artifacts and preserving the integrity of your sound. The output gain compensation feature maintains a consistent loudness level, while the Delta mode allows you to focus on the plugin’s effect during critical decision-making.

With comprehensive metering tools, including LUFS integrated metering, LU range metering, and True Peak metering, you have complete control over loudness measurement and compliance with broadcasting standards.

Magnus MK3 is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, including Apple Silicon, ensuring seamless performance across platforms.

Experience the power and versatility of Magnus MK3 and take your audio mastering to new heights. Elevate your productions, achieve optimal loudness, and deliver professional-grade results with confidence.

Discover our new plugin, read more about HoRNet Magnus MK3


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