HoRNet plugins announces the immediate availability of ADDA, a plugin designed to emulate the sound of early digital gear.

HoRNet ADDA includes two bit crusher, a resampler and analog emulation for both the input and output stages allowing a faithful emulation of the digital gear of the 80s and 90s.


  • ADC emulation with bit crusher and resampler.
  • DAC emulation with bit crusher and dithering.
  • Four different resampling algorithms available.
  • Bit crushing from 24 to 4 bits.
  • Resampling from 44100Hz to 4000Hz.
  • Antialias filter which can be disabled.
  • Analog and output stages emulation for enhanced harmonic content.
  • Variable saturation level for the input and output stages.
  • Optional analog hiss emulation.
  • Pre emphasis and de emphasis filters which can be linked together.
  • Input and output and be linked to maintain constant loudness.
  • Oversampling up to 4x with “auto” option.
  • Each feature of the plugin can be individually turned on or off.
  • Each module can be turned on or off.

HoRNet ADDA is available for just 11.99€ on hornetplugins.com, owners of the HoRNet Complete Bundle can have the new ADDA with 40% discount.


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