We believe that accurate metering is crucial for perfect sound production, that’s why we always use what I like to call “Real GR” meters.

What’s the deal?

In real hardware every vu meter or gain reduction meter has a predefined attack and release time to make it more readable. For example the classic gain reduction meter in the 1176 compressor is made using a VU meter, this element has rise and fall time of 300ms defined by the hardware itself, in the present days of plugins we can make much better.

Meters that move with the music

In our plugins we can create gain reduction meters that has the same attack and release time of the music we are metering, so why don’t take advantage of it? This creates meters that move very fast ┬áif need to and give a realistic picture of how the gain is being altered by the processing, in AutoGain Pro and VCA we even use a graph to display gain change over time.
Meters that move so fast are not always readable so we added a peak hold indicator that stays for 3 seconds in the position of the highest gain reduction level recorded.

If you haven’t tried these meters yet, try out one of our plugins and let me know!

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