Those who follows us on our social networks (facebook and twitter) should already know that we agreed to produce plugins for the DJ / Producer “BSharry” (after all SongKey¬†was born out an idea he had) and we are almost ready to release the first software that we designed together.

It’s a standalone windows application (Mac port coming very soon) and is based on the engine of SongKey, you should already have guessed that it aims to be able to analyze every mp3 in your library and find out the proper key.

Of course the new application can work with a single file or all the files contained in a directory, once the file has been analyzed the software will write down the guessed key in the ID3 tags of the file so that you will be able to search for matching keys in your DJing software.

The application will be available later this month and sold through this website but under the “BSharry” brand.

Of course there will be a demo!

Stay tuned as we have more ideas to come in the next months.

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