We at HoRNet Plugins are thrilled to announce the release of HoRNet VHS version 1.2.0, our popular plugin designed to apply frequency response correction to headphones and simulate room acoustics for improved mixing with headphones.

With this feature update, we’ve added 52 new headphones correction profiles, making HoRNet VHS compatible with an even wider range of headphones. We’ve also fixed an issue with the eq high and low shelf having wrong frequency.

We have fixed Fixed room simulation having a little more volume on the left channel and we have improved the performances of the room simulation algorithm.

As always, we’re committed to providing our users with the best possible tools for music production, mixing, and mastering. That’s why this update is free for current owners of HoRNet VHS, and is available for download from the user area on our website, or using the HoRNet DoIn downloader/installer.

We’re excited to offer even more features and capabilities to help our users achieve their creative vision with the release of HoRNet VHS version 1.2.0. Thank you for your continued support of HoRNet Plugins, and we look forward to hearing the amazing music you’ll create with our tools.


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