Introducing Tape MK2: Elevating Your Sound to New Heights

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our plugin family – HoRNet Tape MK2. This remarkable software is designed to take your audio recordings to a whole new level, adding the warmth and character of vintage tape saturation.

What Sets Tape MK2 Apart?

Tape MK2 is not just an ordinary tape saturation plugin. It’s a powerhouse of features that meticulously emulate the sound and behavior of vintage 24-track tape recorders. With Tape MK2, you can expect:

  • Improved Tape Saturation: Experience the unmistakable warmth and harmonic richness of analog tape, now more authentic than ever.

  • Five Iconic Tape Decks: Choose from five meticulously modeled tape decks, each offering a unique sonic signature. With two different tape speeds (15 and 30 ips), you can fine-tune your desired tape sound.

  • Continuous Bias Control: Tailor the bias control to achieve the perfect balance of distortion and clarity in your recordings.

  • Analog Hiss Emulation: Add that touch of vintage authenticity with optional analog hiss emulation.

  • Pre Emphasis Filter: Shape your recordings with a pre-emphasis filter, just like the pros did in the golden age of analog recording.

  • Auto Gain: Enjoy effortless control with seven different target levels for auto gain, ensuring your recordings sound their best.

  • Group Function: Easily copy settings from one instance to another with the convenient group function.

  • Linked Input and Output: Maintain constant loudness by linking input and output levels.

  • Bypass Button: Quickly compare your processed and unprocessed sounds with the click of a button.

  • Oversampling: Achieve optimal performance with oversampling options, including an “auto” setting.

  • Seamless Interface: Enjoy a vector user interface that’s razor-sharp at any resolution, and the plugin seamlessly adapts to light and dark mode based on your system settings.

  • Platform Support: Tape MK2 is available for both macOS (10.13 and later) and Windows (Windows 10 and later) in 64-bit, supporting Audio Units, VST, VST3, and AAX formats.

Upgrade for Just €1.99!

For our valued customers who own the first version of Tape, upgrading to Tape MK2 is a breeze. You can access all these incredible features for just €1.99. Yes, you read that right – all the power of Tape MK2 for less than the cost of your morning coffee.

Get Tape MK2 Today!

If you’re ready to elevate your recordings, Tape MK2 is here to help. Packed with features that capture the essence of vintage tape, it’s a must-have addition to your audio toolkit.



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