Learn to Mix an electronic track with HoRNet Plugins

Watch our video on Mix an electronic track with HoRNet Plugins

Welcome to our latest webinar which took place on March 20th, where we show you how to mix an electronic track using some of the best plugins from HoRNet. In this session, our host Saverio and producer Maso walk you through the steps they used to mix a great electronic music track using some of HoRNet’s latest and most innovative plugins.

Using HoRNet TotalEQ, HoRNet Butterfly, HoRNet Multicomp Plus MK2, HoRNet Tape and HoRNet Magnus MK2, our hosts demonstrate the creative and technical possibilities these plug-ins offer to help you achieve a professional sound that will make your track stand out.

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About the plugins in this webinar

A high versatile and powerful master processor

Old Price: 37,99€

Versatile visual EQ with analog emulation

Old Price: 27,99€

Analog tape simulation machine

Old Price: 19,99€

High quality versatile visual compressor

Old Price: 49,90€

Magnus MK2 is an advanced two stage mastering processor that provides a clipper and a limiter

Old Price: 21,99€