Get ready to embark on a musical journey through time with the all-new HoRNet 80Verb! This vintage algorithmic reverb plugin is your ticket to rediscovering the iconic sound of the ’80s.

The Essence of the ’80s: The HoRNet 80Verb transports you back to the era of lush and timeless reverb. We’ve meticulously recreated the magic of classic digital reverb effects from the ’80s, ensuring that your music oozes with that unmistakable vintage vibe.

Infinite Possibilities: With HoRNet 80Verb, you have the power to experiment with classic reverb parameters that adorned early digital reverb units. Customize your reverb with precision, control the pre-delay, shape the reverb’s length, and craft the reverb tail to perfection.

The Perfect Blend of Classic and Modern: But there’s more to HoRNet 80Verb than nostalgia. We’ve infused this reverb plugin with modern features that elevate your creativity. Define your sound with custom sample rate and bit depth, shape the incoming audio signal with input filters, and enhance analog reconstruction accuracy with oversampling.

Effortless Creativity: Navigating complex menus and hidden settings is a thing of the past. HoRNet 80Verb offers straightforward access to every parameter through intuitive sliders and buttons on a user-friendly interface. Regardless of where you position the sliders, you’ll discover reverbs that sound extraordinary.

Preserve Your Inspiration: Once you’ve found that perfect reverb sound, save it effortlessly using the internal preset manager. This means you can recapture that magical feeling instantly.

Ready to Use or Customize: Short on time? HoRNet 80Verb boasts a range of ready-to-use presets that you can easily customize. These presets provide a head start for your creativity or a quick solution when you’re in the zone.

Embrace the Vintage Resonance: The HoRNet 80Verb is your time machine to the golden era of ’80s reverberation. Embrace the vintage resonance and let your music shine with the essence of a bygone era.

Elevate your sound, inspire your creativity, and bring your music to life with HoRNet 80Verb.

Rediscover the Sound of the ’80s with HoRNet 80Verb – Your Vintage Algorithmic Reverb Plugin.


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