HoRNet DeeLay Plus creative digital delay plugin

DeeLay Plus 1.3.1 is available, this update is free for owners of the plugin and includes:

  • Fixed plugin crashing on windows

A digital delay plugin with many modulations options

HoRNet DeeLay Plus is an advanced delay plugin that can be used to create space, moving sounds and also weird effects.

The core of the plugin are two separate delay units (called for convenience left and right) that can be routed to the left or the right channel independently, also the feedback of each unit can be cross-fed to the other one.

The standard delay controls like feedback and delay time are provided and can be linked together for quicker use, you can also sync the delay time to the host tempo.

DeeLay Plus gives you instant visual feedback thanks to the top waveform display that shows the input and output levels, those levels are also shown in the handy small peak meters next to the input and output knob so that you always have a meter close to your eyes when it matters.

HoRNet DeeLay Plus gives you many modulation and sound manipulation options, the feedback path can be filtered with a 6dB/oct low pass filter and a 6dB/oct high pass filter, followed by a distortion unit that goes from “clean” to “completely crushed” sound. Setting the feedback to 100% sends each delay element in a “continuous  loop” mode where the output sound never stops even if the input goes silent, entering this mode gives you weird and noisy sounds or looping hypnotic ones.

To make things more interesting we gave DeeLay Plus two LFO (Low Frequency Oscillators) that go from 0.1Hz to 10Hz. Each of the LFO provides four different waveform (sine, triangle, sawtooth and square) and each of the LFO can be routed simultaneously both to time and feedback level of each of the delay lines, it sounds complicated but in the end it means that you can modulate both time (creating pitch variations) and feedback (creating time variation) for each of the delay modules. Two LFOs means that complex waveform can be made as a modulation source and this in turn makes your moving sound more interesting.

DeeLay Plus also has a character of its own thanks to the Analog to Digital converter emulation that can be set to emulate converters from 24 bit to 8 bit for cheap 80s sounds.


The demo is fully functional except for the fact that every now and then it will silence out, you cannot save parameter values with your session and the plugin will not respond to automation coming from the host.


  • Two separate delay elements with feedback.
  • Max. 5s delay time.
  • Tempo sync with host DAW.
  • Routable feedback to each one of the two delays.
  • Endless loop mode.
  • Routable output to left or right for each delay line.
  • Delay time and feedback link.
  • Input and output graphic display.
  • Adjustable hi pass and low pass filter on delay output.
  • Adjustable feedback distortion.
  • Analog to digital converter emulation.
  • Two separate LFO.
  • Four wave shape for each LFO (sine, saw, triangle and square).
  • Each LFO can modulate both time and feedback for each delay.
  • Dry / Wet knob.
  • macOS  (>=10.13) and Windows (>= win7) support.
  • 64-bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows.
  • Audio Units VST2.4, VST3 and AAX format.
  • This plugin is natively compatible with Apple Silicon (M1/M2) processors.
  • Apple Silicon native support


Copy protection

The HoRNet DeeLay Plus has no copy protection, I don’t believe in copy protection, they are always cracked and they are annoying for the users, we all know you are not going to give away the plugin on the internet…

So simply download the plugin and enjoy your recordings!

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8 thoughts on “HoRNet DeeLay Plus

Andrzej says:

Thank you so much for fixing the plugin. It's working like a charm now. And I like it very much: it's so easy to use, it offers a lot of handy features, and it sounds great. Kudos to the developer!

Michael Lamoreaux says:

Wow. The modulation options are great–this is amazing for achieving some delay/tape/wobble sounds. Simple and stunning.

TheoM says:

This is the only plugin I know of on mac, that sounds almost identical to Logic's Tape Delay when the feedback is driven hard.. I really miss that plugin and now I can have the sound again.. However, it's cumbersome to use. Every time I try to click on a knob to move it, I seem to activate the numerical entry field instead. There are persisting bugs 2 years later with the sync options that sometimes disappear and you can't link left and right sync. Why not? Also, with such an expressive delay plugin, it is really disappointing that there is no resonance on the filters. The latter is not a bug per se but it's irrupting nonetheless, that I need to open ohm force ohmboyz to get a nice resonant filter delay. If these things were attended to, I would never ever need another delay plugin and would use this every day for every type of delay. Unfortunately, as it stands now, I only use it when I want that lovely overdriven feedback sound to do special effects and builds.

stngr1 says:

Wow, this delay-plugin can do really pleasantly crazy things in the stereo-field as far as panning delay/feedback/lfo is concerned. Highly recommended, this is real value for very little money (even more so now, due to the up to 70 % off Black Friday-deals at HoRNet Plugins). Have fun using this!

Lucien RONDAY says:

Just the same wish: Please consider to add resonance in low pass filter block.

Roman Wisniak says:

Please consider to add resonance in low pass filter block.

John Kennedy says:

Excellent delay unit. Up there with any of the hi end units regardless of cost.
Kinda like my Timeless 2 with less grief to get the sound.

Not mentioned or represented in the preset, Delay Plus is also a powerhouse of chorus and flange creation.

Way happy with this professional plugin, and for the offer at such an affordable price. The sticker tag almost covers the expectation of having to spend megabux for more.

Anything you got to do with delay is here complete.


Paul Corello says:

Fantastic trails, great channel separation. Would like a 'kill' switch and per channel volume controls.

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