BSharry KeyDetector

Detect song key for every mp3 in your library

BSharry Key Detector


Key detector is a software designed to help DJs to do harmonic mixing, in the words of wikipedia:

The primary goal of harmonic mixing is to create a smooth transition between songs. Songs in the same key do not generate a dissonant tone when mixed. This technique enables DJs to create a harmonious and consonant mashup with any music genre.

Key Detector is able to analyze a single mp3 or a folder (and itโ€™s sub-folders) and scan all the mp3s contained. The software is powered by HoRNet SongKey which empowers artificial intelligence algorithms to detect the key of the song, three different keys are identified and ranked in order from the most probable to the least, the software is then able to write the identified key to the ID3 tags of the mp3.

Key Detector is designed by BSharry and created using technology from HoRNet Plugins

Video overview

Demo limitation

The demo lets you analyze only the first 20 seconds of each song and just 10 mp3s for each folder. Also ID3 tags saving is disabled


  • Key analysis of a single mp3
  • Key analysis of mp3s folder and subfolder
  • Writes the most probable key in the “initial key” ID3 tag
  • Supports Microsoft Windows

Copy protection

The BSharry Key Detector has no copy protection, I don’t believe in copy protection, they are always cracked and they are annoying for the users, we all know you are not going to give away the plugin on the internet…

So simply download the plugin and enjoy your recordings!

Old Price: 19,99€

Old Price: 19,99€

3 thoughts on “BSharry Key Detector

Ryan says:

Curious how this compares to Mixed in Key 7 which I currently use?

Btw, I understand the Camelot Key Code is copyrighted by Mixed In Key, but if there was the option for customized key codes users could manually enter the values to make SongKey compatible with Mixed In Key, or Traktor etc.


Jepi says:

Hi Guys,

BSharry Key Detector is a great piece of software, my only issue is it only scans MP3's, I would love to see an update which allows WAV's and possibly FLAC to be scanned. Now memory is reasonably cheap these days, many DJ's and Producers are not using MP3's and update would be so helpful for Us.

Ulrich Koestner says:

Sadly only works on mp3. I also would like more options on the id3 tag generating process.

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