HoRNet is proud to announce the launch of HoRNet Planer, a cutting-edge audio clipping tool designed to revolutionize the way professionals control audio dynamics. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, Planer offers unparalleled precision and reliability in clipping, ensuring distortion-free audio even under extreme processing.

Key Features:

  • Wide oversampling range (16x to 256x) for clean and accurate true peak clipping performances.
  • Customizable transfer function for seamless transitions between hard-limiting and smooth soft-saturation.
  • Remarkably low aliasing level of -150dBs at 256 times oversampling, preserving audio integrity.
  • Intuitive interface with easy access to essential parameters like input level, oversampling depth, and transfer function settings.
  • Convenient features such as Delta function for assessing clipping impact, bypass for preserving original signal, and support for light and dark modes.

HoRNet Planer empowers audio professionals to achieve professional-grade results effortlessly, whether they’re seasoned engineers or aspiring producers. Elevate your sound and unlock new creative possibilities with HoRNet Planer – the ultimate choice for precision clipping.

Availability: Planer is available now for macOS (10.13 and later) and Windows (Windows 10 and later), supporting 64-bit systems. It comes in Audio Units, VST, VST3, and AAX formats, with native support for Apple Silicon.

Experience the Difference: Ready to take your audio to the next level? Explore the capabilities of HoRNet Planer today and discover a new standard of precision and reliability in audio clipping tools.

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