HoRNet DynEq Version 1.1.1 Update

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest update for HoRNet DynEq—version 1.1.1. This update brings a range of improvements and fixes that enhance your experience with our dynamic equalizer plugin.

What’s New in Version 1.1.1:

  • Fixed Plugin Loading on Apple Silicon: We’ve addressed an issue where the plugin wasn’t loading correctly on Apple Silicon platforms. Now, you can seamlessly enjoy HoRNet DynEq’s capabilities on the latest hardware.
  • Auto Speed Functionality Fix: We’ve resolved the behavior of the auto speed toggle, ensuring it now enables and disables as intended. This enhancement adds to the plugin’s ease of use.
  • Cakewalk Crash Fix: In response to user feedback, we’ve tackled a crash issue specifically occurring in Cakewalk DAW. With this update, you can experience stability while using HoRNet DynEq in Cakewalk.
  • Improved Mono Compatibility: We’ve made improvements to the plugin’s mono compatibility to ensure a seamless experience across various setups.

Upgrade Information: This update is available free of charge for all current owners of HoRNet DynEq. To get the latest version, you can use our HoRNet DoIn downloader/installer or download it directly from your user area on our website: https://www.hornetplugins.com.

Update your HoRNet DynEq plugin now to enjoy these enhancements and improved performance. As always, we’re dedicated to delivering quality tools that elevate your audio production experience.

Thank you for choosing HoRNet Plugins. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting releases in the future.

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