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All the HoRNet plugins are in audio units and VST format and they are compatible with all the major hosts including Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, Reaper, Digital Performer and Studio One.


hornet complete bundle

Complete Bundle

Every HoRNet Plugin in a single package, with this bundle you get our compressors, equalizers and all the utilities for just 123€ (save 82€)

AutoMix Bundle

AutoMix Bundle

In a hurry or making quick demo? these plugins almost mix for you, includes:

Two plugins for just 18,99€ (save 7,99€)

hornet mix bundle

Mix Bundle

All the plugins you need for a perfect mix, includes:

Three plugins for just 63,50€ (save 42,48€)


  • DeeLay

    HoRNet DeeLay

    HoRNet DeeLay is a good sounding digital vintage dub delay, it offers endless looping and time modulation

  • VCA

    HoRNet VCA

    HoRNet VCA offer a toolkit for controlling the track level, it can work as a simple Voltage Controlled Amplifier using a control signal in it's sidechain input.

  • AutoGain Pro

    HoRNet AutoGain Pro

    The HoRNet AutoGain Pro improves on our best seller, the HoRNet AutoGain , it borrows the same effective DSP algorithm adding internal reference, peak detection, reverse gain processing and adjustable minimum and maximum gain.

  • SW34EQ

    HoRNet SW34EQ

    The HoRNet SW34EQ is an equalizer coming straight from the 80s. It's the digital version of the EQ found in an American console so it features the typical analog EQ sound and controls.

  • MultiComp

    HoRNet MultiComp

    The HoRNet MultiComp is a sound processor that provides you with three different compression models, a VCA emulation, a FET emulation and an OPTO emulation.

  • ChannelStrip

    HoRNet ChannelStrip MK2

    The HoRnet ChannelStrip MK2 gives you one EQ and two dynamics processor, each with 4 different compression models, a plugin you can use on every track

  • Sybilla

    HoRNet Sybilla

    Sybilla is an intelligent de-esser designed with one purpose: reduce those sibilant in almost no time.

  • TrackShaper

    HoRNet TrackShaper

    The HoRNet TrackShaper is a “mix on autopilot” utility for those who want to have good sounding tracks without spending hours tweaking plugins.

  • AutoGain

    HoRNet AutoGain

    The HoRNet AutoGain has been designed with a specific pourpose in mind: drastcally shorten the time it takes to create volume automations.

  • 3XOver

    HoRNet 3XOver

    The HoRNet 3XOver is a very peculiar plugin since it'a half a DJ eq, half a three band crossover with selectable slope and output for each band.

  • VU Meter

    HoRNet VUMeter

    The HoRNet VU Meter is a cool utility that you can use to monitor the signal levels coming inside your DAW to be sure to have always the right amount of bits for your audio!